Starting a new blog: 7 immediate things to do after starting a new blog

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So finally you started a new blog!? Right? yeah, I can sense a YES from you!.First of all congratulations! and all the very best, have a great blogging life!Now you became king/queen of your new blog !. and I think your very excited to write your first blog post and to publish it. But starting a new blog is not only about Buying a domain and connect to blogger or installing WordPress. When you start a blog(especially long-term), make sure to set up the following 7 things which help for the success of your blog!

 7 Things you must be Followed after Starting a New Blog/website 


1. Create a logo for your new blog

Create a logo for your new blog- starting a new blog

The most important thing after starting a new blog is to create a brand new logo for your blog so that it Reveals your identity and tell the people that what is your blog about. So use your creative mind while making logo so that the people who visit your blog for the first time can easily remember your blog by the logo.

Use Adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop software to make your logo.These softwares are highly recommended for making logo because these softwares have many tools to make logo attractive, as well as creative but normal people, feel hard to use it so we have many free logo design websites which are similar to the softwares are Online Logo etc..


2. Publish all Important Pages(About us, Contact us..)

Publish all impostant pages-Starting a new blog


Publish all  important pages like

  • About us 
  • Contact us 
  • privacy policy
  • Affiliate Disclosure

As these pages are not so necessary to have them on your blog but when the visitors want to know about your blog/website, ask for your help, interview you, and pay you for a sponsored post, then these pages really help them. Actually when a blog is built these pages are primary things to create.

  • About Us Page

Many visitors have a habit of reading blog owner’s about me page.Actually, I too have a habit of reading blog owner’s about me page !  when I visit a new blog. About us page is also useful for the owner of the blog to increase his popularity!

If you have no idea on about me page have a look of mine!

  • Contact Page

Contact us page is very useful for the People who want to work with you, ask for your help, interview you, and pay you for the sponsored post.But You don’t need to create a beautiful contact page; a simple one does the job for you.

If you are using WordPress, then you can use a simple plugin called contact form 7 to create a quick contact page.

Still, there are some of the pages that are useful like Privacy PolicyAffiliate Disclaimer etc.

Here is the article that explains briefly more about these important pages.

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3. Add google analytics to your blog

Add google analytics to your blog-stating a new blog

Google Analytics is a free tool that you can be used to track information about the way visitors to your site interact with it.It is very easy to understand and to use it.You can track how many people visit your site, what posts they visit.its also shows from which country the traffic is more or less.

So I recommend to use google analytics to your blog from day 1.So that you can easily analyze your blog traffic and it also gives some encouragement so that you can still improve your traffic.

How to add google analytics to your blog? 

Step 1: Open Google Analytics, at the right top you will see the sign in button. Click on it.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, click on Admin at the top.

Step 3: In the middle Property column, click on the drop-down and Create a new property

Step 4: Fill in your website details and click Get Tracking ID button.

Step 5: Now place the tracking code in your blog header. Once done, your analytics will be verified and you will start receiving traffic data.


4.  Submit your blog to search engines (webmaster tools of google and bing )

Submit your blog to Search Engine-starting a new blog

webmaster tools are nothing but it helps you to bring traffic from search engines. As Search engines are one of the main sources of traffic so it very important to submit your blog to

5. Create all social media 
Profiles for your blog.

If your blog is brand new, then social media is a must-have for your online marketing strategy.This is the easiest way to get huge traffic to your blog. So, Create all social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

social media traffic is a  inorganic traffic but it is the backbone of the blog when you fail in SEO. So I always recommended you to create all social media accounts so that it helps you in many ways to get success to your blog!

Here is the article that briefly explains you to create social media accounts.

6. Install an SEO plugin(Yoast or all in one SEO)

Search engines are the main source for the traffic of the website/blog.It is very important to make sure some basic SEO things for your new blog. If your using WordPress as a platform for your new blog make sure to install Yoast SEO plugin nor All in one SEO plugin, both are the best plugins to get good results in SEO.I personally use Yoast SEO plugin as it is very easy to understand and it gave me good results.

So, I recommend to use Yoast SEO plugin for your new blog .

Thinking how to install and setup Yoast? don’t worry! Here is the video.


 7.Install an attractive theme to your blog

After doing all these things buy a theme or use any free theme which is suitable for your niche.Installing an attractive theme to your blog makes users feel luxury but I recommend to use responsive as well as fast loading theme because responsive theme allows user to use your blog in any devices (pc , mobile , tablet) and fast loading theme helps you in SEO to get traffic.Users also feel good if your blog is like a jet speed! 

There are many websites that provide you free WordPress themes and some are  accesspressthemes etc..simply type ‘Free Responsive WordPress Themes‘ in google and you will find many websites providing free themes and you download it and install in WordPress.


Final Words :

Whether which niche it may be, the above mention are the primary steps that every blogger must take after starting a new blog.After completing all these things its time to write your first blog post goo! ahead! All the best!  Happy Blogging!

If I missed anything to mention then Leave a comment below.

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