Free Photoshop Brushes : Top 5 best websites to download free Photoshop brushes

Top 10 websites to download free photoshop brushes
Written by saivivekreddy

Are the ones you searching for free photoshop brushes? Then the solution is here.There are plenty of websites that provide you the tons of brushes which you actually want!

Today, I am going to share some of the best websites that provide you the free photoshop brushes!

Before knowing about these websites, have a look about the photoshop brushes.If you already know these just skip down! 😁

Photoshop is the powerful software where every designer born here! .It comes with a powerful feature that no software still can’t overtake photoshop.

In this photoshop software, Brush tool is a basic painting tool. It works like paintbrush by applying color using strokes. It’s located in the standard Tool Bar and its default shortcut is the letter ‘B’.

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Here are the Top 5 best websites to download free Photoshop brushes

 DeviantArt’s brushes 

DeviantArt’s brushes are developed by deviant art.It is one of the famous websites provide you free photoshop brushes, actions, Designs & Interfaces, manipulation backgrounds etc.We can easily download brushes from Deviantart with a single click!.and easily download single brush or set of brushes at absolutely no cost.

So, DeviantArt is my first recommended website to download free and best photoshop brushes.


brushezzy is my favorite website It is a HUGE collection of Photoshop Brushes where we find all brushes we actually want.The website will be very clean and simple with wonderful brushes and Textures.We can download a single brush nor set of brushes at zero cost.They provide high-class brushes where we can easily download with a single click.


Myphotoshopbrushes is one of best websites to download photoshop brushes.The website also features PSD, patterns, custom shapes, tutorials, styles, and gradients.We can download these all with free of cost.They provide quality brushes which we can download with a single click.




brushking is also the best websites which provide quality brushes. The brush set’s thumbnail will reveal more information about it such as how many downloads it has, who the brush designer is, how many brushes are in a set and licensing details.



Brushlover is also one of the best websites which have a decent look(Theme) and provides good photoshop brushes, gradients, and styles ready to download for your design projects.


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