Traffic from day 1: 5 Things to Do After You Publish Your first Blog Post

5 Things To Do After You Publish Your First Blog Post
Written by saivivekreddy

Are you going to write your first blog post? Or You already have written your first blog post and thinking what to do to get traffic?

Well! You are in the right article!

In this article, I will be sharing you the strategy I have used for my new blog to get traffic from day one!

I think you’re ready with your new blog like A king with soldiers stand ready for WAR!

Starting a blog is something very special and we take care of it.The first mission we have to do to get traffic is writing your first post on your new blog.But here I am not talking about how to write or how to publish your blog post. I know you will do it well!. But the things you do after you publish your first post will decide your blog’s SUCCESS!

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Here are the 10 Things to do after You Publish Your First Blog Post


1.Submit the Blog Post to Social Networks

Submit the Blog Post to Social Networks


The very first thing after you publish your first blog post is to submit your blog post to all social networks.Submitting the blog post in social profiles like facebook, twitter etc gives you huge traffic.This way you can tell your friends about the blog and grow readers.This makes you and your blog more popular!

So, I recommend to submit your first blog post in all social media profile in order to get traffic from day one.

Useful Tip: Before starting your new blog make sure to set up all social profiles.Regularly Post some interesting pictures according to your niche, so that you can get more likes or followers in the short time and keep activate your social profiles.So, when posting your blog post in social profiles like in facebook page will give you huge traffic.It worked well for me!


2. Share your first Blog post with Another blogger!

Yes, you heard right! Use social media to contact other bloggers to share your blog post.Ask them to link your first blog post on their blog so that you get quality links.Make a friendly bond with other bloggers not only for this, they will stay with you when problems arise to your blog.

If you cant contact other bloggers, many Facebook groups are available for the bloggers to discuss their blogs.So from the groups, you can easily contact many bloggers. Some of the FB groups are listed below :

Here is the article that listed more FB groups.

Note: Don’t spam the groups by adding your blog post links.The admin’s of the groups will remove you from the groups.

 3. Submit the Blog Post to Social Bookmarking Websites

Before knowing about submitting a blog post to Social Bookmarking Websites, you need to understand that what is social bookmarking.

what is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking has some number of websites where you can share your blog post. People on that social bookmarking sites can easily see and search for the services that you offer. When you share your blog post to any social networking site then this process is referred to be as social bookmarking.

So, There are many social bookmarking websites which will not only drive quality audience on your site but also helps you in SEO ranking!. If your blog/website is bookmarked then there are high chances that your blog may show up in the search engine results.

Some of the Popular Social bookmarking websites are listed below to submit your blogs :

So, I recommend you to submit your first blog post to social bookmarking sites so that you can drive traffic as well as it helps you in SEO ranking.

Small tip: If you don’t know how to submit your blog posts then search for ‘How to submit blog post in social bookmarking sites‘  in google, Now you will found many articles that help to submit your blog posts.


 4. Leave Comments On Blogs

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to get backlinks that helps your blog to rank in search engine results.Many of the bloggers even I too leave the comment on the other blogs so to get quality links.

So I recommend leaving comments on blogs with your first blog post gives you less traffic but it helps you in SEO results from the day one.If your blog is new I recommend to create backlinks only 2-3 because a new blog cant affords so many backlinks.


5. Guest Post on Other Blogs/Websites

Guest post is also one of the best ways to get quality links from other websites which greatly helps your blog in SEO results.Writing a quality post and adding a link of your blog on high traffic websites gives you traffic even 1000 views!

So I recommend to do a guest post for your first blog post on other websites in your niche to get high traffic from day one itself and you also get quality links which helps you in SEO results.

Useful tip: If your blog is new do a Guest post on websites which have DA(Domain Authority)  20 plus gives you good results and also don’t guest post on websites having DA 5 plusThis tip is only for new blogs.

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