8 Free And Best Windows Phone Apps of 2018

8 Free And Best Windows Phone Apps For 2018
Written by saivivekreddy

Are you a user of windows phone searching for the best apps for your windows phone? Well, you are in the right article!.In this article, I will be sharing you some of the best windows phone apps for your windows device.

At present, I have two windows phones one is Lumia 530 and another one is Lumia 535, with these two windows mobiles, I have searched a lot of apps in windows store and got some important windows phone apps which are very useful for a window phone as well as for you.But we all know the fact that some of the most popular apps are missing from the Windows Store.

 Note: Here I am not mentioning some basic apps like  Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter everyone knows, If not first download these apps.Click here to know all popular and basic apps for windows phone.


Here are the Top windows phone apps for 2018 : 


1. PDF Viewer ‎


PDF Viewer is really an Excellent!  tool for viewing and interacting with PDF documents across platforms and devices.Excellent PDF Reader allows you to open PDF documents from the web and also allows to a Select single page or continuous scroll modes.The app also allows you to easily zoom in/out on text or images for a closer view and also Download documents on your phone with just one click!.The app is very small which is less than 2mb!.So it is one of best windows phone apps in windows store

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2. 6Tag


6Tag is my favorite app! because I am a daily user of Instagram, When I downloaded Instagram Beta, It has so many bugs, sometimes the app will not reload.So I uninstalled it and started searching for an app for Instagram in windows store.So finally I found an app named as ‘6Tag’. 6tag allows to send and receive direct messages to your contacts and also allow to upload video from your phone.the app also allows you to upload images in HD and allows you to use Multi-accounts.

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3.Tube HD – Best Client for Youtube


I think everyone loves watching videos on youtube. According to me Tube HD – Best Client for Youtube is the best windows app to watch videos in HQ and HD.The app easily allows you to download videos to your phone for free and allows to Download the MP3 of the video and transfer it to Music & Video Lib.The app also allows to Offline playlist supports, play videos by shuffle model.

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We all know that it is very difficult to send files from android to windows or from Apple to Windows.So here we have an app named as Xender in windows phone which allows to transfer file between Windows Phone and other platform devices, like Android, iOS as well. The app also allows to transfer files like pictures, music, videos in an instant with a few taps.

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5.File & Password Vault


File & Password Vault is an app that Keeps your Photos, videos, audios, Document, and Password truly secure.The app also allows you also have the option to import videos, documents, audio, and images from the Gallery or SD Card and you can also download them securely using its secure browser feature.

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6. Telegram Messenger


Have you ever heard about Telegram? Telegram is a messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.Telegram Messenger is very simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices.The app computers allow to use all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or pc.This messenger app is super-fast when compare with other messenger apps.

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7. PicsArt Photo Studio


When it comes to photo editing I would recommend using Picsart Photo studio because it is very easy to use especially for newbies.PicsArt is not only a Great photo editor but also a social networking platform, where the photographers, as well as editors and normal people across the globe, will find their peer groups.The app allows to use Create a double exposure(turn two photos into a unique work of art) and allows to Draw illustrate pictures.

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8. VLC for Windows Phone


VLC for Windows Phone is an excellent app offering users a free, easy-to-use, multimedia player. The app allows to supports most audio and video compression formats, files and streaming protocols.

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